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An end to boredom!

Super six challenge 

Bear Grylls has declared an end to boredom this summer with the launch of a summer manifesto for all young people in the UK. The Chief Scout will be spreading the word on his Kids’ Summer Manifesto with a helicopter mission this Sunday.

The manifesto coincides with the start of the school holidays and to celebrate all things adventure, Bear will embark on a whirlwind helicopter tour of Scout summer camps, meeting thousands of Scouts.

‘The summer holidays are a massive opportunity for fun, challenge and adventure,’ says Bear. ‘It’s a time when kids can get outdoors, build dens, learn skills, make friends and have the freedom to discover who they are. That’s why I’m challenging every child to accept my Super Six Challenge.’

Bear will also be accompanied by Megan Hine this Sunday, British adventurer and presenter, in a bid to help inspire girls and boys to take on an adventure of their own.

‘Scouting is all about encouraging more young people to get outdoors, giving them everyday adventure and keeping them fit and active,’ says Megan. ‘I am really looking forward to spending the day with the Chief Scout, and thousands of Scouts.’

The manifesto 

Bear’s Kid’s Summer Manifesto contains six fun challenges for all young people to take on during the summer holidays:

  1. Spend a night under the stars – this can be in your own back garden or as part of a massive camp.
  2. Learn a new skill – whether it’s learning to ride a unicycle, play the ukulele or how to canoe.
  3. Do something for someone else – help a neighbour, your parents, siblings or relatives.
  4. Get fit – get in training for an adventure with some jogging, climbing or cycling.
  5. Build something – a den, a tree house, a go-kart, a boat, you name it.
  6. Go on a wild adventure – on foot, on your bike, on the water or in the air!

‘I love Bear’s challenges,’ said Polly, aged 11. ‘I’m going to camp in our garden with one of my friends, learn how to juggle and make some buns for the lady across the road. I’m going camping in a wood in Kent with my family so I hope to go on my wild expedition then. I’m also planning to cycle five miles every week and write a diary about all my adventures!’

‘Scouting offers life changing adventure for young people,’ says UK Chief Commissioner, Wayne Bulpitt. ‘It’s amazing what can be achieved with great ideas, massive enthusiasm and committed volunteers. I would encourage everyone to take up our challenge and if they enjoy it, then continue their adventure by joining the Scouts.’

Keep an eye on for loads of summer activity ideas and check out their Facebook and Twitter pages for more help in the mission to beat boredom. 

Society is here to help

The Society for the Preservation of the Manx Countryside and Environment was looking for worthy causes to help promote the enjoyment and education of the countryside.

We are especially looking to help projects that will whence the wildlife and countryside of the Isle of Man. From people looking to plant native trees on land to growing bee friendly flowers in their gardens.

They will also aid in education with provision of trips to areas of natural beauty of the island like the Ayres or Scarlett etc.

The society for the Preservation of the Manx Countryside and Environment will provide coaches for trips out to the country, give guided tours even buy equipment (they have recently donated a camera to 1st Santan Beavers). They aim to get young people into the countryside and are very willing to help both Associations.

The Society for the Preservation of the Manx Countryside and Environment is here to help – they will even help with foraging for wild food.

Activity | Urban Pac-Man | Scouts

Pac-Man is an iconic arcade game from the 1980s where the player controls a hungry yellow dot with a big mouth, manoeuvring him through a maze filled with pac-dots while he tries to eat as many as possible and avoid the four ghosts chasing him.

In Urban Pac-Man, the streets become the maze while Scouts take on the roles of Pac-Man and the ghosts, separating into teams and using arm bands to identify which team they’re on. Leaders and volunteers affix homemade pac-dots to benches, railings and other street furniture in the designated playing area, avoiding road signs. The location of the pac-dots can be plotted on a map, which can then be photocopied and distributed to the Scouts to help them in their quest. The game is best played in a local neighbourhood or estate.

Find out how at (link below).

Source: Activity | Urban Pac-Man | Scouts

Isle of Man Scouts Logo

Our logo is very important to us. It’s the symbol that represents and unites us as a movement. Please use it consistently, to build awareness, recognition and adoption of our brand.

Here you can download the Isle of Man personalisation of the Scouts logo. For a logo for your group it can be created by logging in at If using on screen (e.g. web) use PNG version.

Right click on the file link and select Save link as…

  Stacked Logo

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