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St.George’s Day memorial hike

Posted on May 7th, 2017 by admin

On the 23rd. April 1945 a few short weeks before the war in Europe ended, a Boeing B17-G of the 534th. Bombardment Squadron of the United States 8th. Army Air Force was flying from its base at RAF Ridgewell, Essex carrying 31 passengers and crew for a weeks leave in Northen Ireland.
In thick cloud it crashed into the hillside of North Barrulle, Isle of Man. All 31 occupants of the aircraft were killed instantly.

On Sunday 23rd. April 2017 a small group of Manx Scouts from ‘Viking’ Troop, 1st. Malew Scout Group and ‘Wolf Pack’ – Southern Explorer Scout Unit, leaders and parents hiked up to the crash site.

The Hike was organised by Malew Scout, Carter Melnick. Carter is from the United States and was formerly with BSA Troop 39, Forest Hill, North Carolina. He is now living in the Isle of Man with his family.

Whilst living in the Isle of Man Carter is still working towards his Eagle Scout Award (The American version of the Queen’s Scout Award)  To this end he researched the history of the event and did a presentation to fellow Scouts. He also planned the hike route.
At the crash site the Scouts raised a new American flag after which Carter then read out the names of the 31 casualties before ending the remembrance with the poem,

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old,
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

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‘Wolf Pack’ – Southern Explorers, cook with ‘live food’

Posted on February 13th, 2017 by admin

The ‘Wolf Packs’ regular Monday meeting at Mullin ny Carty found them with a blind food cooking challenge.

After being put in teams they tossed a coin to see which of the ‘food boxes’ they were going to cook without seeing what they were getting.  Each box contained real ingredients, utensils and a recipe to follow. The three options ranged from a traditional meat stew to a Scandinavian dish of dauphin potatoes with smoked salmon, onion and dill to a vegetarian option of Pasta a la Christian, which was tagliatelle with blue soft cheese and creme fresh.

Lessons learned:

  1. Some meals take more time to cook than others.
  2. Cutting root vegetables eg: potatoes, onions, carrots into small bits cooks faster but, too small and you end up with soup!
  3. Taking a few minutes to discuss who is going to do what, when saves on gas and  burned or under cooked ingredients.
  4. Getting the Trangias etc. clean after use also takes longer than you might think
All told a tasty and experience gathered evening. Taste wise the salmon dish came out on top but without the dill and using black pepper instead. 

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‘Wolf Pack’ – Southern Explorers finsh the job

Posted on November 29th, 2016 by admin

dscf1110-1On Sunday The Explorers of the “Wolf Pack’ finished the construction of their equipment locker. They now have a safe, dry place to store all their camping and ancillary equipment. This is due to the kindness of one of the units feeder Scout Troops. 1st Malew, based at Ballasalla, have given up a corner of their loft storage space for the Explorers use.

To ensure each section’s equipment doesn’t get mixed up the Explorers constructed a cage and shelving. The vast majority of the timber used was obtained from the Port Erin re-cycle centre. The door hinges, screws and door bolt were recycled from ESL Roger’s garage spares box. The most expensive part of the construction was buying the ‘chicken wire’.

A big ‘Thank You’ to 1st. Malew.

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Southern Explorers out hunting

Posted on August 28th, 2016 by admin

The last regular meeting before the Summer holidays found the members of the ‘Wolf Pack’ – Southern Explorers out hunting.

Working as a team (which all successful Packs do ) they set to to make a variety of different small game traps. In the limited time available and using mostly what they had around them they constructed a dead fall trap and a spring snare.

Both traps were then tested out by our resident small prey namely ‘Furry Fred’. As can be seen, Fred fell foul of both designs and, had Fred been a rabbit he would have ended up over a wood fire!

Lessons learned:

  • If we had to forage and catch our own food we would all be a lot slimmer!
  • If you are laying traps always inspect them regularly to minimise any suffering caused.
  • When leaving an area, always remove any traps laid.

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‘Wolf Pack’ – Southern Explorers go on the defensive

Posted on April 20th, 2016 by admin

DSCF0827_1843x1382 The regular Monday evening meeting at Mullin ny Carty was taken by a guest speaker (and do-er) Mr. David Birtles. David was himself a few years ago a Southern Explorer Scout.

He holds a black belt at, and instructs in, the Korean martial art of Taekwando which translates to “the art of hand and foot fighting”. He also has a black belt at Karate and studies Winchun and Ju Jitsu.
To the Explorers surprise when they asked him how to deal with a threatening person he said the best option was if possible “To run away, because no one gets hurt.” However the point of the evening was to show the Scouts how to block an attack or escape if grabbed which would then give them the opportunity to, ‘run away’.  The Explorers worked in pairs and went through the moves under supervision.
I would like to thank my adult helper Henry Dorman for being the ‘willing’ volunteer when more ‘energetic’ demonstrations were required and Scout mother Suzzane Shimmin for her assistance. Everyone had a fun evening and learned that you don’t have to be built like Arnold Schwarzenegger to survive.
More photos of the evening is in the gallery.

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Wolf Pack’s refugee challenge

Posted on April 6th, 2016 by admin

DSCF0804_1843x1382The ‘Wolf Pack’ – Southern Explorers had their regular Monday meeting at Mully-Ne-Carty.

The weather was perfect for the event in that it rained heavily for most of the day. Surprised by the last statement perhaps?

The Explorers, plus two Scouts from 1st Malew ‘Viking’ Troop, were trying to appreciate the problems faced by refugees around the world. They had to imagine their home had been bombed and they had to make a shelter with what they could find around them, make a fire and prepare a basic meal of bread and stew using very basic ingredients.

The stew was all vegetables and the bread was cooked using an old fire ash box as an oven. They were spoiled in that they had a pot of double cream which after vigorous shaking in a jam jar and the adding of a little salt yielded enough butter to put on the bread rolls. I am pleased to say it all tasted very good especially as we were all a bit damp at this stage. The warmth of the fire (despite the smoke) was also welcome.

Whilst eating we discussed other problems that might arise from being in the plight of a refugee namely clean water supply, sanitation and finding a way to stay mud free.

DSCF0802_1843x1382Lessons learned:

The basic Scouting skills of shelter building, fire lighting, cooking on a wood fire etc are primary skills everyone should have. How difficult (not to say uncomfortable) it would be to be forced to spend any great length of time living under these conditions.

Also, how very, very lucky we are to live in this Island!

For more photos from the evening see the gallery.

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