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‘Wolf Pack’ clear up after themselves

Posted on January 14th, 2016 by admin
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wolf-manxmapMonday evening found the ‘Wolf Pack – Southern Explorers at Mully-Ne Carty for their regular meeting.

One of the evenings activities was to find out just how much they knew about the Isle of Man by putting as much detail as possible on a blank map.

As you might expect being Southern Explorers they were pretty genned up on the South of our fair Island but the further North they got made for some interesting re allocations
Motorcycle fans will be interested to hear that ( according to one of our budding cartographers! ) the TT and MGP will now be going by way of Jurby. The lesson learned was that you can never know enough about your own home.

wolf-armpitAfter comparing notes they were treated to the culinary delights of ‘Arm pit’ fudge which, although it looked like something you might have ‘scooped’ did taste good.

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