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Peace Light of Bethlehem Arrives on the Island

The Peace Light of Bethlehem arrived on Wednesday on the Steam Packet from Heyshem. Five young members of the Isle of Man Scout and Guide Associations, under the guidance of Father Bob Boyle of St Matthew's Church, to St Helens, Merseyside, on Monday. They were there to receive the naked Peace flame that has travelled from Bethlehem. The Light will be distributed around the island in time for the final advent candle.
This is the first time in years that Guides and Scouts are working together as one. In the combined group representing the Scouts was Torry W, 1st Ballaugh Scouts, Dhoona L, 3rd Peel Sea Scouts and Aaron R, Onchan Explorers. The Guides were represented by Lucy S, Baljyn Jiass Guides and Danielle G, 1st Ballaugh Senior Section.
Over 50 places have already arranged to receive the flame including churches, Nobel's Hospital, care homes and residences. There will be a Service of Distribution on Saturday, 20th December, at St. Matthew's Church, Douglas, where Scouts and Guides of all ages will come together and distribute the Light into the community.
Thanks to the Leaders that accompanied the group; Guy Thompson, Island Commissioner, and Julie Leece, 3rd Peel Sea Scouts, for the Scouts along with Stephanie Harper, Carrick District Commissioner, and Kathy Shimmin, 1st Ramsey (Trinity) Guides.

Rushen Explorers Have There First Meeting

Rushen Explorers had their first ever Explorer meeting as an official Explorer unit Wednesday. They celebrated by having a Christmas bonfire party at Mullin ny Carty Scout camp site.

After Christmas Rushen Explorers will be meeting every Monday night at 7:30 to 9:00 pm and will be based at Rushen Scout HQ in Port Erin. For more information contact Lissy Corlett at

For more photos check out the evening's gallery.

Beaver Scouts' Sunflower Challenge

At the start of the year Beaver Scouts were challenged to grow the tallest sunflower they could  from a seed. Seeds were planted at Colony meetings, Beavers took these home and transplanted them into the garden or bigger pots as the plants grew. Beavers were asked  to bring the measurements and photos of their plants to their Colony meetings. The Beaver who grew the tallest plant in each Colony was awarded a trophy and other Beavers who took part in the challenge received certificates.

The Challenge is now finished and trophies have been awarded to David (Santan) whose plant was 3ft tall; Jack (Onchan Thursday) who grew a plant measuring 210cm; Kyle (Rushen); Archie (Onchan Tuesday) for his 242cm sunflower; Matthew (5th Douglas) whose sunflower was 61 inches; Joe (Ballaugh) who grew a 176cm sunflower and  Reuben (1st Douglas Monday) who grew the tallest plant overall at a height of 251cm.

Pictured is Reuben with his top Sunflower. For more phots check out the challenge's photo gallery.

Beaver Scouts' annual five a side football competition

The Beaver Scouts’ annual five-aside football competition was held on Saturday 15th November at Onchan Community Centre. Beaver Scouts from Ballaugh, 1st Douglas Monday and Thursday, 5th Douglas, Onchan Tuesday and Thursday, Peel, Rushen and Santan took part.

Most Colonies had two teams and these were split into four groups with each team playing all the others in its group. There were some very exciting games and although many goals were scored several of the goalkeepers kept the scores down by making some fantastic saves. The winner in each group qualified for the semi-finals. Three of the groups had outright winners but in one there was a tie on points. The two Colonies were Ballaugh 'A' and 1st Douglas Monday 'A' teams and they played an extra game to determine the semi-finalist. 1st Douglas won this play off and met Onchan Thursday 'A' team in their semi-final. The other semi-final was between Peel 'A' and Onchan Tuesday 'A' team. In both semi-finals after one team scored their opponents equalised before a further goal led to the final score of 2 - 1. Both Onchan teams won their semi-final and went on to play each other in the final.

In the final both teams played brilliantly and the game kept the spectators enthralled. The final score was 2 - 1 to Onchan Thursday ‘A’. The winning Beavers were presented with the winners shield and a replica trophy together with medals for each player.

First Aid Training

The dates for 2015 are now available for leaders that need to book there First Aid training course and for those that need to do their 3 year renewals.

Dates are as Follows:-
- Saturday 24th January 2015 (This course is full but if you are interested in going on this date contact Sue in case of cancellation)
- Sunday 22nd March 2015 (There are still places available on this date)

New Dates.
- Saturday 25th April 2015
- Sunday 27th September 2015
- Saturday 24th October 2015
- Sunday 22nd November 2015

Complete details on the main First Aid page (under Activites from the top menu).

Introducing the new Safeguarding Awareness Co-ordinator

Will Nelson has been appointed as the Safeguarding Awareness Co-ordinator (SAC) for The Scout Association in the Isle of Man. The role involves organising and running training for all adults involved in Scouting on the IOM as well as helping individual groups develop their own anti bullying policies and training for all their own young people. As Leaders we all have a responsibility to ensure that we keep our young people safe physically and emotionally both in the real world and online.

Will was a Cub, Sea Scout and Venture Sea Scout in Formby, before becoming a Young Leader. Whilst at University in Ambelside he helped out with their Scout Group. When he moved to the IOM in 2000 he became a Scout Leader with 2nd Onchan. In 2003 Will moved to be an assistant Explorer Scout Leader with Onchan District Explorers. Hs day job is Headteacher of Jurby Community School.

Training will be organised over the next 12 months for as many adults within Scouting as possible at a variety of levels, focusing on a number of different key areas; particularly keeping our young people safe online.

"As the Island's SAC, I am happy to answer any questions that people have, but would like to remind people that if they have any concerns about the safety of a young person they should contact Guy as Island Commissioner in the first instance, inline with the Scout Associations policy."


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